Wednesday, 23 October 2013


I just don’t understand cupcakes.

Like what is the etiquette for eating them?
Do you start with the icing? Well…then its just basically a muffin after…and I have no patience for things pretending to be something they're not.

Do I attack from the side and risk some icing in the eye?

Do i use Drake's method? "Started from the bottom now we're here at the top with the icing. What a delightful cupcake. Thanks mom!"

Use a fork and knife like I'm the Queen?

Do I try and take a bite off the whole thing and look like a dinosaur?

<<<my face trying to eat a cupcake.

These are the questions that keep me up at night.

Also what is this CUPcake nonsense. One isn’t quite enough yet im not gunna upgrade to eating an entire cake (*in public).

So solutions:
Swimmingpoolcake…Just kidding guys. I mean, HOW WOULD YOU COOK IT. (EPIPHANY: hottubcake.  START THE CAR. WE’RE GOING GROCERYSHOPPING)

K guys calm down. It’s a joke. I don’t have a car.


  1. Hey Rachel! Apparently if you take off the wrapper, slice the bottom off, and put it on the top, it turns into a cute little cupcake sandwich. TRY IT! :)

  2. haha I like the dinosaur face ! That's me trying to get the thing in my mouth. Or I just eat the icing and toss the so called cake! mmmmm