Monday, 6 January 2014

Growing up

I just do not understand growing up.

I get it. I'm an "adult" now. I have to make "grown up" decisions. And speak in "full sentences". and candy isn't a "proper meal"

But there are certain things I refuse to give up.

1.  I will always weep at Disney movies.
"You go Cinderella. You go get your happily ever after girl"

2. I will always have an irrational fear of furbies.
and by irrational I mean completely rational because I mean...look at them.

3. There is nothing on this Earth that can stop me from dancing when the Backstreet Boys come on the radio.

4. I will still take life advice from Lizzie McGuire.

5. I reserve the right to believe that light up shoes make me run faster

6. I like to talk to tomatoes, a squash can make me smile and I like to waltz with potatoes up and down the produce isle so... 
7. Chicken fingers will, and will always be, my favourite.

sooooo grown up shhhmooonup. Give me my chocolate milk.