Tuesday, 24 March 2015


I just do not understand graduating. 


This is it.
I'm graduating university.

I feel like theres nothing that could really prepare me for what's next.
Not even Lizzie Mcguire in her infinite wisdom.

What's worse is that I have to apply to actual jobs. Real life jobs. I mean I'm actually SO excited but I had to update my resume, which I think we can all agree is as exciting as getting an invite to LinkedIn.
I had to eliminate such sections as:

Food Accomplishments


My drawings.


But alas, we all must grow up and do grown up things like graduate and say things like alas. Or quintessentially or unbeknownst, even when you feel like you beknow nothing.

Just last week someone asked me about my plans for my 401k and I told them I use my GPS to get to the 401.

It seems just like yesterday I was a wee babe graduating high school.
 Where the biggest decision I had to make was what to wear to a school dance that I wouldn't dance at. I did more of a swaying thing. This is actual footage of me at my prom:

Watch out world, I like to call my dance move the broken blender.

But now here I am, graduating university with a degree, a head full of knowledge and pockets full of money empty candy wrappers.

I still have a couple of hurdles to jump over before the big day, like writing my registration exam, and figuring ways to fit snacks in the graduation gown but all in all, i'm almost there.
**im thinking some sort of kangaroo-like pouch**

Adult life is calling and it looks exciting and everything but I really thought the end of these four year would be more climatic. 
In the movies, there is always like a big dance number or like Meryl Streep would appear saying she is proud of me for all I've accomplished. 

But they just give you a paper and in my case, a pin.

I even found a grey hair the other day.
It may have been my dog's, but I found it, and it was upsetting.

So here I am, standing on the edge of another adventure, deciding what to do. 
But first, I must cross that stage without falling.

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