Thursday, 16 October 2014


I just do not understand graduating.

Listen, I get it. We're getting older. We have to make grown up decisions. We have grown up responsibilities like car payments, grocery shopping and showering.

But here's the thing: it just all happened so quickly.
One minute I'm graduating high school and everyone's like:

and then you're all like

But at the same time, it's totally okay because this is a new chapter.

However, something strange happens when you enter university. Suddenly, people think you are automatically a genius. As if touching your acceptance letter was like receiving the knowledge of all things via osmosis jones.

Even when I was a first year nursing student, people would ask me my "medical opinion" and I was too embarrassed to say I legitimately had no IDEA what the  strange rash on their elbow was so I did what any normal first year would do.

and if THAT genius idea doesn't work, I went to my fool-proof approach and told them its whats on the inside that counts.

And looking back I think to myself:...

Yes, I call myself "Ann" in my mind.

and yes, it feels like a long time ago I was in first year.
Me just studying, 2011 #nomakeup #nofilter
and then before I knew it...
I'm here in fourth year...graduating.

and then something horrible happened.

the worst thing you could think of.



Now,  I know what your are thinking.

"wow, don't be so dramatic. It's just pictures"

Let me get something clear with you. I have a painful past when it comes to formal posed school pictures.
When I was in grade school, I didn't understand that keeping two strands of my blond hair out of my bun on either sides of my face, would not only make me look bald  but make me look like I had  extremely aggressive sideburns. I also didn't realize the importance of good graphics. SOMEHOW, the graphics got messed up on my picture and half my bottom teeth ended up being being positioned above my upper lip.
So, not only did I look like a bald kid with aggressive side burns, I had face teeth.
All around, not a positive experience.

and then there are those awkward poses.
and don't get me started on how to smile. It's like my face loses total control of itself and is like "HOW DO I SMILE". and so I over think it.
That can result in several outcomes.

1) I look WAY too eager.

2) I look super unimpressed

3) I look super uncomfortable


graduation is months away so I have some room to breathe.

Man, life goes fast.
Blink once and you could miss it!
Blink twice you could potentially have something in your eyes..

Blink could miss "all of the small things"...whaaaaaattt

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