Tuesday, 25 March 2014


*please read this in a French accent. OBV it's in italics*
I just do not understand ze art.
Ah, Art. Dreams put on ze canvas. Ah, art. A lot of funny words end in 'art'. You know the onez I mean... 



What were you thinking of ? 

Get your head out of ze gutter. 

Okay, so I'm all about appreciating fine art, but I'm a girl that loves a good movie. Not those 'pew pew pew' no plot line kinda shin digs. You know the ones:
What can I say? I need a solid plot line. So when I look at art, I can't help but caption. It's in my blood. My Nature. My bones. My hair. My clothes. Wait, what?

for your viewing pleasure, I present to you,  Rachael's First Annual Museum of Fine Art and what I believe should be the captions. Enjoy.

                                                              *Judging you*

"Bill, wheres the camera Bill? Where Do I look in the camera, Bill? Am I doing it right, Bill?"

*thinking about being at home in sweatpants watching netflix*

"Seriously, go to sleep. WHO brought the parrot home? WHAT did mommy say about bringing parrots into this house"

The First Hipster

Trip to the Bathroom


                                                        " I let the dogs out."

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