Tuesday, 15 April 2014

University Stereotypes

Walking around and people watching on campus is literally one of my favourite things. It's HILARRRRIOUS. People do the craziest stuff when they are stressed out. One time, I saw a guy come into the weights section of the gym, pull up a mat and take a big  ol nap. It was beautiful.
Something I noticed while I was creepily people watching is the university stereotypes. Seriously, its a thing guys. I just do not understand them.

Let me explain.

First year (Froshies. noobs)

Ah, look at them. So fresh faced. Just finished promming. 

They have all these wild ambitions.
and everyone else is all like:

Also, you can spot them a mile away. They still leave the library to eat. I have literally no shame about this. I'd like to try and test the limit sometime. Maybe a 'make your own taco' station at the back of the main floor. Any takers?

And then you get onto...

Second Year (the 'oh my goodness I'm not even half way done' year)

Generally, I find this is the year people get super opinion-y. I'm all for social change and a better tomorrow but sometimes I'm not really sure what they are saying.

Me: *at subway* Yes, I would like some guac on my sub.
Subway person: oh, we are out of guac right now. 
Me: Oh dang. *jokes* Man, the world is running out of guac! 

Person in front of me in Subway line: 

My response: 

Moral of this story: Be the guac you want to see on your sandwich. #deep

Third Year: (the 'so close yet so far')

Day 1:

Day 2: 

and last but not least,

Fourth year (the final frontier)

Summed up in one picture:
so close. 

Happy Tuesday!